The whirling disease parasite, Myxobolus cerebralis, has been detected in 25 states in a hatchery, wild fish population, or both. However, this does not mean that it always causes whirling disease or is widespread in all those states. In fact, its distribution is patchy within states and within watersheds, and so are the impacts.

Knowing where the parasite occurs is an important step in slowing its spread and protecting fisheries. Learn more using our map gallery and interactive map.

Map Gallery: The Whirling Disease Incidence Maps show where the whirling disease parasite has been detected, or has been sought but not detected. There are maps for Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho, current as of early 2007. Maps are in development for additional states.
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Interactive Map:The map gallery has been integrated into an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS)-based map. The user can zoom, pan, navigate around the map and pull up point data with limited descriptors. Like the gallery of static maps, this is also being expanded.
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