Working with the Big Sky Institute at Montana State University, the Whirling Disease Initiative is developing an interactive GIS-based map of the whirling disease parasite's known distribution in the United States. The user can zoom, pan, navigate around the map and display point data with limited descriptors. Like the gallery of static maps, the geographic coverage in the interactive map is currently being expanded. If you are not adept with GIS applications, a few minutes with the “help” and “quick tour” functions would be very worthwhile.

Notes on the data: This map is intended for general informational purposes and data were obtained from a variety of sources. Some of the map layers can be viewed at scales finer than the resolution of the data, therefore spatial inaccuracies may exist. The Whirling Disease Initiative assumes no liability for the information provided.

Data Sources

Data for the interactive map was obtained from a variety of state sources, as well as the USFWS Wild Fish Health Survey Database (WFHS).  For this reason, the amount of information for each sample point is not consistent across all points. The date of the data ranges from 1988 to 2006, and varies with each state.

Arizona USFWS, 1997-2008
California USFWS, June 2009
Colorado CDOW & USFWS, 2007
Watershed designations are based on the most recent data (2007). CDOW point data is included up to 1999 and USFWS WFHS data is included up to 2007.
Idaho IDFG & USFWS, 1987-July 2007
Maryland Maryland DNR, 1995-2008
Montana MTFWP & USFWS, 1998-July 2007
Nevada NDOW & USFWS, June 2009
New Mexico NMFG & USFWS, 1998-2008
New York NYDEC & USFWS, 1994-January 2006
Oregon ORFW & USFWS, June 2009
Utah UDWR & USFWS, 1991-July 2007
Washington USFWS, June 2009
Wyoming WYGF & USFWS, 1988-2007
Data from the state is  primarily available for positive detections of M. cerebralis; negative sampling events are largely unreported.

View the Interactive Map!

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Browser Compatibility
This interactive mapping application, built using ESRI's ArcGIS Server 9.2, is known to support the following browsers under most configurations:
*Firefox 1.5 and higher
*Netscape Communicator 8.1 and higher
*Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher

While provisional support has been reported for Apple’s Safari 3 for Windows, the application is known to be incompatible with Safari for Mac OS X, and support of additional browsers (e.g., Opera) is undetermined.  If you encounter problems using the application based on your configuration, we would appreciate hearing from you; please contact Thank you.

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