The Whirling Disease Initiative is a national research program. Its purpose is to conduct research that develops practical management solutions to maintain viable, self-sustaining wild trout fisheries in the presence of the whirling disease parasite.

The Initiative was established by Act of Congress in 1997 and has administered a competitive research grant program each year since. The Initiative’s ultimate clients are state, tribal, and federal fisheries-management agencies, and the constituencies they serve.

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The Whirling Disease Initiative is a project of the Montana Water Center. The Water Center advances water research, information, education, and problem-solving partnerships throughout Montana and beyond. It is one of 54 Centers in the nation collectively known as Water Resources Research Institutes. To learn more about the Montana Water Center and its programs, visit:

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In Summer 2004, the research team moved into new quarters in the Research Annex on the campus of Montana State University -- Bozeman.   Montana State University campus and Gallatin Valley. Photo courtesy of Rick Jackson.